Talent Acquisition & Staff Augmentation

nLeague has over a decade of experience in successfully recruiting and managing talent. We have played an active role in career development and progression of several hundred consultants nationwide. Our core emphasis of establishing a human connection has enabled us to leverage the exponential reach of social connections long before the genesis of social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin.

The three facets that contribute to successful project execution are in the selection of the right team, process and technology. nLeague’s success as an IT services company has been in its ability to attract the right talent and infuse enthusiasm and innovation in the team. nLeague professional staffing practice delivers a similar advantage to its clients by identifying talent that meets the comprehensive needs of the project that goes beyond mere technical know-how.

nLeague delivers talent across the entire IT spectrum with a scalable enterprise recruiting model and infrastructure that combine to meet your just-in-time resource requirements. Our strategy stems from our core principles that establish the rules of engagement of all our social interaction. Our core principles are:

 The services we provide in Engineering are

  Truth - Bond with Trust: Establish trust in our communication between the Client and the staff with a succinct description of the job requirements to the candidate and our true assessment of the candidates to the client

  Value - Promote Client; Empower Staff: While being true to our relationships with the client and the staff, it is our moral obligation to promote the brand of our clients. It is also our responsibility to empower our staff with additional guidance and training between assignments to enhance their career.

  Service – Nurture Careers, Nurture Relationships: We apprise ourselves by service we provide in building careers and nurturing client and staff relationships.

Our recruiting strategy has remained consistent over the last 10 years and follows a four pronged approach as listed below –

  • Empower all aspects of our operations with a human connection
  • Align staff with emerging technologies to increase retention of employees and contractors
  • Emphasis in collecting metrics to enhance quality
  • Synergize the client account team with the client’s IT Org structure.