n-C3 Delivery Model

n-C3 Delivery Model

The n-C3 Delivery Model stands for nLeague’s Client’s – Customer Centric delivery model. nLeague’s believes in taking ownership of our client’s intended project objective which based on our core value of establishing trust in a relationship. We have learnt from our collective experience that a major contributor to discrepancies with project deliverables is due to disparate interpretations of project objectives. This is further challenged when using an offshore outsourcing model especially where project teams are new to the remote execution model

All project initiatives undertaken by the IT department is driven by expectations from the business users whose objective stems from enhancing the value of their products or services to their clients. While it is commonly recognized that the success of an IT project is dependent on its ability to enhance the business value of the organization, very little attention is given to the offshore outsourcing processes beyond its leverage for cost arbitrage.

nLeague has harnessed its rich experience in BPM to develop the n-C3 model to bring the focus back to the fundamental principles of making a project successful. The n-C3 Delivery Model introduces the Client’s customer to the project execution workflow to result in a concurrent feedback process and helps take ownership of our Client’s intended project objectives through out the execution of the project. The BPM model below shows the graphical representation of the n-C3 Delivery Model.

As shown in the figure, the Client’s Customer can trigger/respond to a need directly to nLeague’s project team or through the Client. Each input from the client’s customer is synthesized by the Client and nLeague to create the required inputs to the project execution process.

The advantages of the n-C3 Delivery Model:

  • The model is adaptable to the Client’s discretion on their customers’ involvement in the project execution workflow.
  • The model is scalable and can include multiple business/customer inputs.
  • Facilitates the near shore and offshore team in becoming accountable to the business objective./li>